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Saying Goodbye

The hardest thing for a mother is to say goodbye to her children.

Genre : Drama
Director : Hilal Saral Ünalan
Actors : Ece Erken, Burcu Kara, Sinan Sümer, Gökhan Tepe

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Lale, a pediatrician, has a loving husband named Ege, a writer, and they have two daughters. Their lives turn upside down with Lale's illness. After visiting a doctor, she finds out that she has a deadly tumor in her brain and a little time left to spend with her family. She hides her illness from everybody including her husband. She decides to find a woman who would be a mother for her kids and a wife for her husband. She thinks Zeynep who is the teacher of her kids at the kindergarden would be the best candidate. Zeynep would never have a child due to her illness she had in the past

Lale tells her husband that she doesn't want to be with him anymore, files a divorce and leaves her husband with her two daughters. Her plan goes smoothly. Ege and Zeynep fall in love with each other and marry. However, soon after, Lale finds out that a miracle comes true and she fully recovers from her illness. Meanwhile, Zeynep and Lale's ex-husband build a new life. Lale now, has to fight in order to get back her two children and ex-husband from Zeynep.

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