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Büyük Yalan

Year: 2004

Genre: Family, Drama, Romance

Director: Yuksel Aksu , Adnan Guler

Cast: Emrah, Halil Ergun, Sinem Oztufan

TV Hours: 138


One rainy night the bride of the Vardarli family is about give birth to her 4th baby. Ruksan, who had previously given birth to three girls is expected to have a boy so the Vardarli family name can be continued. She decides to swaps her newly born baby girl with a boy from the nearby village.

26 years later Emirhan goes to Istanbul for business. Reyhan lives happily with her parents in a middle class neighborhood. What she doesn’t know is that she is actually the real daughter of the Vardarli family and Emirhan is the boy that Reyhan’s parents gave away all those years ago.

Reyhan and Emirhan meet when they have an accident on the road and immediately fall in love. This makes things difficult for Emirhan as his father wants him to marry Hatice, who is the daughter of another powerful family in the area. Emirhan thinks that if he secretly married Reyhan, he can convince his family to accept her as his bride.

Nobody at the mansion welcomes Reyhan. Emirhan has 3 sisters, Ziynet, Sukran and Vildan, but only Vildan shows concern for Reyhan.

Reyhan’s presence ruins the peace at the mansion whichi is built up on lies. Mrs. Ruksan blames Reyhan for everything.

Then, the family finds out that Mr. Ethem had another son from his mistress, called Okan. This sends a shockwave across the famıly. Mr. Ethem wants Okan to live in the mansion, so he can get to know him better. But Okan has a sneaky plan.

When Ruksan finds out that Reyhan is her own daughter, she doesn’t know how to react. Sengul finds out that she is Emirhan’s real mother but Ruksan begs her to keep quiet.

Soon Sengul finds out that she has a kidney failure and would die if she doesn’t get a kidney transplant. In order for Emirhan to give his kidney to Sengul, he must know the truth, thus Ruksan tells him everything.


The whole family suffers many misfortunes; Ethem cannot come to terms with the truth, has a heart attack and passes away. Emirhan can’t take it anymore, writes a letter to Reyhan and leaves the city not knowing that she is pregnant. Ruksan losses her mind and finally commits suicide. Having heard the tragic news, Emirhan and Ruksan come back to the mansion and decide to give their marriage one more chance.